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Premature ejaculation


Do I have a premature ejaculation issue? Is my partner concerned?

L’éjaculation précoce est définie comme un manque de contrôle de l’éjaculation associant plusieurs critères :

  • Une éjaculation qui intervient presque toujours trop rapidement après la pénétration,
  • L’impossibilité de retarder l’éjaculation,
  • Le sentiment d’insatisfaction ou de frustration de l’un ou des deux partenaires.

Si vous vous reconnaissez dans ces critères, vous pouvez être concerné par l’éjaculation précoce. Vous trouverez davantage d’informations sur notre page dédiée.


Is premature ejaculation an illness?

Premature ejaculation is a behavioural condition, not an illness. The erection is whole, the man ejaculates, but a problem exists in the inability to control the moment of ejaculation, which comes at the wrong time. Solutions nonetheless exist for learning to control the ejaculatory reflex. Kenergon® is one of them.


Am I alone in having premature ejaculation problems? Am I alone in having a partner who struggles with premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem, encountered by one couple in three at one time or another. Rest assured, you aren’t the only one this happens to! People don’t really like to talk about this subject, often considered taboo. Kenergon® is here to guide you and help you take your time for a longer and more fulfilling sexual experience.



What is in the composition of Kenergon®?

The main active ingredient of Kenergon® is lidocaine, a local anaesthetic used routinely in healthcare products. It subdues hypersensitivity in the glans, giving the user much greater control over their ejaculation.


How many applications are there in a Kenergon® spray canister?

A 20ml Kenergon® spray canister contains 180 shots. With an average of 4 spray shots per application, your spray will last for around 45 coital unions.


What proof is there of Kenergon®’s efficacy?

Clinically tested Kenergon® has demonstrated its efficacy in a study conducted on 52 patients treated over one month. This study showed conclusive evidence of rapid, statistically significant improvement in the sexual condition of patients struggling with premature ejaculation issues: penetration time; length, frequency, and repetition of coitus; own and partner’s satisfaction.


Where can I find Kenergon®?

Kenergon® is an authorized medical product with the guarantee of controlled pharmaceutical manufacture. It is available in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. Feel free to ask your pharmacist for advice.


What special precautions must be observed?
Kenergon® is exclusively for male use. Make sure the spray does not enter the eyes, nostrils, or mouth. Keep the spray out of reach of children. Store at ambient temperature (15–25°C). Further information can be found in the instructions in the package.

Use of Kenergon®


What’s the best time use Kenergon®?

Kenergon® delay spray can be applied by the man himself 5–10 minutes before penetration. Alternatively, the spray can add an erotic element to foreplay, with penetration following 5 to 10 minutes later.


How many shots of spray are required?
The ideal number of shots is best determined by trial and error. Usually, 3 or 4 shots will do the job. Never exceed 8 shots in an application. You don’t need to rub the spray into the glans to obtain the benefits. Nor do you need to rinse it off after use.


How long is ejaculation delayed?
Times will vary from one user to the next. Kenergon® helps control ejaculation by subduing hypersensitivity in the male member. This delays the ejaculatory reflex in order to prolong sexual pleasure. Some testing may be necessary to achieve the best effect.


Will using Kenergon® make sex less pleasurable for me?

Not at all. Kenergon® temporarily subdues sensitivity in the tip of the penis, keeping arousal at a manageable level and delaying the urge to ejaculate. Its use prolongs both partners’ enjoyment. With longer lasting, anxiety-free sex, the pleasure is all the greater.


Does Kenergon® affect the sensitivity of my partner’s genitals?
Once Kenergon® is sprayed on the glans, 5–10 minutes are needed to calm the extreme sensitivity of the sprayed area only. This slows down ejaculation while keeping the user’s pleasure sensation alive and without desensitizing the partner in any way.


Is Kenergon® compatible with the use of a condom?

Kenergon® is perfectly compatible with the use of a condom. Wait 5–10 minutes after spraying before applying the condom.


Can I use Kenergon® with a lubricant?

Kenergon® can be used with no problem with a lubricant. Lubricants are generally water-based and are not miscible with Kenergon®. In practice, you should apply Kenergon® first whose active principle is rapidly absorbed and excipient quickly evaporates, and then use a lubricant if necessary, which should preferably be applied to your partner.


Is oral sex possible on a penis that has just been sprayed with the product?

If performed in the interval between spraying and penetration, oral stimulation could well decrease the effect of the product and even trigger ejaculation instead of delaying it. Furthermore, not only will the product leave a medicinal taste but it could actually numb the mouth. If you want to go ahead anyway, cleaning the sprayed area of the glans penis could eliminate any residual product, along with its taste. This would however diminish the product’s efficacy.

Other questions?


Other questions?