Treating premature ejaculation: good reasons to choose Kenergon

7 Sep 2022

Some 20% to 30% of men are affected by premature ejaculation at some time in their lives. It’s even the most common sexual dysfunction among under-30s. This situation that has led to the offer of various solutions for longer-lasting sex and therefore greater pleasure. Kenergon® spray is a premature ejaculation treatment featuring many advantages.

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common male sexual dysfunction. Medical experts have defined three criteria that can determine whether a man is a “premature ejaculator”.

  1. In more than 90% of his coital experiences, ejaculation comes less than a minute after the start of penetration.
  2. His excitement runs out of control and he ejaculates.
  3. Doubt creeps in: psychological distress, sexual performance anxiety, frustration for the man and even for both partners.

It’s also worth noting that “jumping the gun” is quite normal when the male partner is a newcomer to sex, or after a long sexual hiatus, or when having sex with a new partner. It becomes a problem when these three criteria take a seemingly permanent hold.

Using Kenergon® spray as your premature ejaculation treatment

Kenergon® spray is an effective way of tackling premature ejaculation. Applied to the glans penis, its lidocaine-based formula temporarily subdues hypersensitivity in the “business end” of the member. Its action thus causes a delay in ejaculation offering a less stressful experience.

Three-stage use of Kenergon® :

  1. Start by simply spraying 3 or 4 shots of the product (never more than 8) on the glans penis. No two people are the same, so several trials will probably be needed to find the dose that results in the hoped-for feel and delay.
  2. The male partner then waits 5 or 10 minutes to allow the main active ingredient of Kenergon® to produce their optimum desensitization effect.
  3. Once the effect sets in, the partners can go ahead and enjoy longer sex—and longer pleasure!

Don’t be afraid to discuss any doubts with your doctor or pharmacist before using Kenergon®.

What advantages does Kenergon® offer as a premature ejaculation treatment?

Longer-lasting sex

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is hyper-excitability of the ejaculatory reflex. Kenergon® spray applied to the tip of the penis reduces the risk of over-stimulation. Its action thus enables better control of ejaculation and extended fun time in bed . Talking of fun, the very action of applying Kenergon® spray can add an erotic element to foreplay.

Proven efficacy

A standardized clinical trial* on the efficacy of Kenergon® spray was carried out on a sample of 52 male volunteers. After a month’s use, several benefits were objectively measured:

    • Longer coitus
    • More frequent sex
    • Greater satisfaction for both partners

A practical, discreet solution

Unlike gels and creams, Kenergon® spray does not require contact between the fingers and the product, neither to apply it nor to rub it in. Therefore there is no need to wash your hands after use. The Kenergon® effect lasts throughout the coitus then dissipates naturally.

Overcoming performance stress

By helping men control their ejaculation, Kenergon® is an important stress reduction factor in their intimate moments. Its effort-free delay action allows them to dedicate themselves fully to their and their partner’s pleasure. With this major worry gone, the partners enjoy full satisfaction. Little by little, Kenergon® helps break the vicious circle of sexual performance anxiety.

A premature ejaculation treatment compatible with condoms and/or lubricants

Wearing condoms is wholly compatible with the use of Kenergon® spray. To gain maximum benefit from our product, we advise waiting 5 to 10 minutes after spraying before putting the condom on.

Lubricants, most often water-based, are a perfect companion to Kenergon®. To preserve its delay properties, spray the product on first then lubricate.

Kenergon® can be used in conjunction with other delay solutions or techniques

There are many different ways to delay ejaculation. Specific sex positions, penis rings, anatomically profiled condoms, medications, etc. As long as there are no contraindications, all these treatments and techniques can be combined with the use of Kenergon®. Everyone can choose a combination that suits them best!

A spray good for 45 coital unions

Sold in a 20ml aerosol canister, Kenergon® spray contains 180 shots, enough for roughly 45 coital unions.

A premature ejaculation treatment without prescription, available in pharmacies or online stores

Kenergon® spray is available in local pharmacies or online stores.

An effective solution*
for delaying

Discover the product

*The efficacy of Kenergon® has been shown in a clinical study conducted in 52 patients, treated during one month.

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